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Accelerating Climate Resiliency & Renewable Energy
@ HBCUs Initiative

ACRRE @ HBCUs Initiative

About the Initiative

The ACRRE @ HBCUs Initiative seeks to lower the cost of electricity by up to 50% for up to 20 HBCUs within the next 36 months. This efforts require no upfront costs. The Initiative will offer engineering, procurement, construction, financing, operating, and maintenance services to selected HBCUs. The solutions will include energy efficiency, energy management, solar power, energy storage, and EV charging based on the customized energy needs of your campus.

Interested HBCUs can download our RFP here (MSFT One Drive) or here (Google Drive). If you have any questions or comments, please email us at Once you are ready to submit your proposal, use our online submission form.



Can my institution qualify for this program?

If your institution is listed here, you are considered a qualified institution. If your institution is not listed as a recognized Historically Black College or University, please send us information that justifies your inclusion.

How much money will it cost my institution to participate?

No upfront capital is required. If you are chosen to participate, the Initiative will fund each phase of the solution on behalf of the selected HBCUs. Once the system is commissioned, the selected HBCU will have a monthly payment that will be up to 50% lower than before. The Initiative achieves this lowering the amount of energy used, reducing the cost of the energy used, and in some cases developing new revenue sources.

What if my institution is not chosen to be in the first group of 20 HBCUs?

Firstly, all respondents will be provided feedback on their need for climate resiliency and renewable energy. This information can be used in developing a comprehensive plan to improve their campuses’ climate resiliency and how much can be saved with a comprehensive energy plan. Secondly, based on the success of this effort, the Initiative will consider having a second RFP within 24 months of this one.

What are the next steps if my institution is chosen?

We will begin negotiations with your institution in March 2023. This will include entering into a binding Memorandum of Understanding. Thereafter, the partners will complete all predevelopment work. Then the selected HBCU will enter in an Energy Performance Contract with the Initiative’s investors. From there, solutions will be installed on and off campus which are designed specifically to save (and in some cases make) your institutions the most amount of money and to provide climate resiliency.

What are the critical dates for the program?

  • RFP Issued 1/20/2023
  • Q & A Webinar 1/27/2023 @ 2pm EST
  • RFP Questions Due 2/6/2023
  • Questions and Answers Posted 2/13/2023
  • RFP Responses Due 2/21/2023
  • Shortlisted RFPs Announced 2/28/2023

What are the phases of the program?

Phase 1. Select 20 HBCUs through this RFP program.

Phase 2. Develop a customized design and engagement strategy for selectees.

Phase 3. Deploy systems on selected HBCUs.

Phase 4. Operate & maintain systems over 20 years through Engineering Performance Contract.