Green Power Ventures

About Us


Leverage the inherent value in historically disadvantaged communities.


Accelerating Climate Resiliency and Renewable Energy in the underestimated and the overlooked institutions in low to moderate income areas.

Our organization

As BIPOC pioneers in the climate space, the leadership of GPV has taken the culmination of its several decades in renewable energy development, finance, and venture to the next level of impact for communities!  GPV focuses on adding value and driving value to the communities and climate ventures that have been underestimated and overlooked. Instead of focusing solely on the firm’s success and profitability alone, GPV focuses on building the ecosystem that helps these communities prosper as we move from a carbon-based economy to a green economy.   

Building this ecosystem requires

Developing a resilient renewable energy infrastructure

Activating World-class energy efficiency practices

Prioritizing inclusive practices and economics that empower communities

Our team

Dr. Reginald Parker

Managing Partner

Tim Webb

Managing Partner

Tarryn Henry

Programs & Operations

Anise Puckett
Google Climate Fellow

Désirée H. Young

President, VentureWalk