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GPV announces Network 4 Success

Green Power Ventures’ Conference, Network 4 Success will be held in Atlanta over 2 days in early September. We look forward to seeing you.

Experience the power of collaboration at Network 4 Success. Join over 50 BIPoC climate tech founders in a dynamic 48-hour event. Discover project pipeline development, BIPoC partnerships, and best practices in climate tech. Unlock MBE certification strategies, training, and new opportunities. Engage with influential government and private sector buyers who seek groundbreaking solutions. Connect, innovate, and make a lasting impact on climate change. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to network, gain invaluable insights, and forge transformative partnerships. Sign up now to be part of the climate tech revolution.


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Guess what? THere’s more

GPV announces Pilot 2 Profit

Green Power Ventures’ Accelerator, Pilot to Profit will be held in Atlanta over 4 days in early September.

Thank you to our sponsors, the Department of Energy, American Made Challenge, Epic 2.

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