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The Compelling Case for HBCUs to Embrace Environmental Sustainability!

The Federal Government recently approved a monumental $2.4 trillion initiative to encourage private sector investment in infrastructure and combat the looming threat of recession through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation and Inflation Reductions Act.

The feds recently incentivized the private sector with $2.4 trillion for infrastructure development and to reduce recession using the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation and Inflation Reductions Act. HBCUs have been historically underfunded since they were established, and so we developed an initiative to take advantage of this historic opportunity.

Dr. Taj Eldrige of Include Ventures remarked that our proposed Initiative is a chance to avoid an “Economic Juneteenth”. The goal of the Initiative to leverage Green for Economic Emancipation with the “Accelerating the Climate Resiliency and Renewable Energy at 40 HBCUs Initiative”.

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Guess what? THere’s more

GPV announces Pilot 2 Profit

Green Power Ventures’ Accelerator, Pilot to Profit will be held in Atlanta over 4 days in early September.

Thank you to our sponsors, the Department of Energy, American Made Challenge, Epic 2.

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